COVID-19 (coronavirus) - information

COVID-19 (coronavirus) – information

COVID-19 (coronavirus) cause fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches and tiredness.  It is transferred by droplet route so by a cough, sneezing or talking.

If you come back from region where coronovirus occurs and you have symptoms of this infection or you had a contact with someone who was infected,  you have to call to sanitary and epidemiological station or come to infectious ward as soon as possible. You can also call to helpline of NFZ at number – 800 190 590.

If you don’t have symptoms, but you have a  suspicion you might be infected  by coronovarius,  please stay at home. Avoid contact with other people so that the virus does not spread.


Person who are infected (even You) can be a cause of infection other people in the office!

To postpone the visit in our office we asking for call at the number 539-531-301 or by the e-mail:


You can submit an application or documents by the Polish Post Office.

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